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Meet The Head Brewer

Head Brewer, Eric Lindemann, has been with the Resting Pulse Brewing Company from the very beginning.  He can usually be found hanging out in the tap room when he is not hard at work in the brewhouse. We sat down with Eric to find out more about his history, favorite beers, and path to Opelika.

How did you first get started in brewing?

Working in informational technology on the support side allowed me to work from home a lot. So after building 3 ponds, 11 waterfalls, and an outdoor kitchen at the house I needed a new hobby. So I went to the library and checked out some books on brewing beer and it just took off from there.

What was the first beer you ever made?

The first beer was a home brewed IPA with Liberty hops. It was an extract brew, the only extract beer I ever brewed. I switched to all grain brewing from there.  

Where are you from and how did you come to be the Head Brewer at Resting Pulse?

I am from all over the West Coast, Southern California, Las Vegas, Portland and now Opelika!

I was a beer judge and have judged competitions at a number of San Diego beer events. When San Diego State University offered a class on “Opening a Brewery” I jumped at the opportunity to learn that side of brewing. It just so happened that Dave Plundo was in the same class at the time. Although I was committed to another project we kept in touch and when my availability changed, I visited Opelika to look at possibilities with Dave and his wife, Terri. The rest is history!

How do you decide what beers to brew?

Some beers are chosen for the time of year and weather.  It's hot in Alabama! Other beers are from talking with local people in Opelika and learning about their taste in beers. The rest are from sitting with Dave and Terri and just coming up with fun beers and fun flavors. This is a great part of craft brewing, you get to let your imagination run wild with flavors and beer styles!

What is your favorite style to brew or drink?

I personally love drinking Sour beers! Oh and IPA’s, and…I just love beer! We hope to be making Sours here at Resting Pulse in the near future. 

Do you have any advice for people trying Resting Pulse for the first time?

Have an open mind and a spirit of adventure when you come. Our beers change over time and there is bound to be something that you have never tried before and may truly love. When in doubt please ask us and we will help you choose a flavor or style that you may like, but don’t be afraid to try new ones you may not have tried of before.  We offer flights of beers at Resting Pulse, which is a great way to sample 4 beers before deciding on the one you want. If you enjoy the variety of beers and want to see what I brew next…drink up! 

What is your favorite part of working at Resting Pulse?

Being part of developing the brewery from a concept to where it is today! The building and space is just great, the people I work with, and the customers who I get to spend time with talking about the beers and of course, the beer! I do love the beer! This is really a great place to work, the people make it what it is, that is a fun place!

Are tours of the brewhouse available?

Yes we give tours, when I am not busy making beer, moving beer, kegging beer. Then Yes I would be happy to give a tour and talk about beer. You can call ahead if you have a group and we will see if we can make it happen! There is great visibility of the brewhouse and the fermenters through the large glass windows in the taproom but nothing beats standing up close to these great big pieces of equipment and learning more about the science of beer making.

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